Michelle's concept on children's photography &
how to get the best results:

Very few children do well with the pressure of bright lights, a camera in their face
and somebody telling them what to do.  Children in a natural environment produce a
natural response.   Upon booking your photo session we can pick a location. I prefer
sessions in outdoor locations (parks, gardens and other outside venues). My favorite
place to shoot is my family's ranch, the 9E Ranch. It has been in my family for 50
years. I spent a great deal of my childhood growing up here. I am always finding
interesting new shoot ideas with the quite garden, streams, ponds, gazebos & Flower

When selecting a time frame, keep in mind your child's daily habits. ( Nap time,
Eating time, Play time... Remember, a unhappy child is hard to hide in a photograph.  
So lets pick a time when your child is the happiest. )

Pictures are timeless.  So try to dress your child in timeless clothing.  Solid colors
work best in order to keep the main focus of the photograph your child.  It's best to
bring several clothing selections.  Kids will be kids and Ut Os will happen. Bringing
extra outfits will allow for unforeseen problems and allow for photographs with
different clothing selections. I do recommend not preforming excessive number of
clothing changes. This adds extra stress to the shoot.

Favorite Teddy Bear? Baby blanket you cannot seem to get out of his / her arms?
Props are always welcome. These items are part of who your child is now and
something you will cherish as he / she grows up.  Chel McKay Photography studio
also has a fun selection of hats & other  realistic props that we can use during your
photography session. When you book be sure to let us know what style of photography
you prefer.

We recently partnered with Pictage as our photo lab and are happy to announce that
all proofing will be online.  This allows you to see your images faster & view them as
often as you want.  The pictures taken during your photography session may be online
as soon as two weeks.   Our guarantee proof viewing time is four weeks.  The season
in which you are photographed in determines the turn around time.

This is how it works…

When your images are ready for viewing we will upload them to Pictage.   Your family
and friends can sign up to be notified when your proofs are ready for viewing by going
to www.pictage.com & entering your name in the search window. This option is
available the day after your photo shoot.   When your proofs are available for viewing
Pictage will send you a detailed email with how to access your proofs.    You will be
able to review and edit the images you want your other people to be able to view.  
After you have reviewed your images you will need to release the site to the public.  If
you have not released the site to the public within three days of the event being
released we will do it for you.   You and your friends can make unlimited favorites

Prints delivered three weeks after order placed.
Rush deliveries available.
Paper prints available for an additional charge.

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